Sports You’ve Never Heard of in Sweden.

Tennis, basketball, and athletics are popular pastimes in Sweden, in addition to the country’s national football and ice hockey sports. Several sports have yet to gain international recognition in Sweden. Listed here are four that you may not have heard about.

Races Among the Reindeer

There is no local reindeer racing track where you can get the latest betting odds and watch races in real-time like there is for horse racing. However, viewers can still enjoy reindeer racing once a year during the Jokkmokk Sami winter market in February.

Sledders are carried at scary speeds behind their loyal reindeer. So, this is certainly one of Sweden’s most exciting sports. People travel from all around the world to see reindeer racing in action.


A growing number of people around the world are familiar with Bandy. However, it has been played in Sweden since 1895, when Swedish nobility and royal family members began participating. It is widely accepted that the game’s roots lie in Russia, England, and Holland. Since 1907, Sweden has hosted men’s bandy championships.

The game’s regulations are influenced by association football and resemble those of ice hockey and field hockey. Each team consists of 11 players, and the games go for 45 minutes each. Unlike ice hockey, Bandy is played with bowed sticks and a small ball, making it more similar to field hockey than ice hockey. One of the fundamental regulations of the game is that participants are not allowed to intentionally touch the ball with their hands, arms, or heads during play on a football pitch-sized rink. At the end of the game, the team with the most goals wins.


Floorball is a variation on Bandy played indoors. A little plastic ball with holes is used in a game between two teams of five players each, plus the goalkeeper. A match consists of three twenty-minute segments, similar to ice hockey.

The world’s most popular sports

Floorball was first introduced in the late 1960s, but the sport’s official regulations were only established in 1981. On the other hand, Floorball is currently being promoted by the International Floorball Federation. Sweden won the first gold medal in Floorball at the World Games in 2017, including the sport for the first time.


Brännboll is one of Sweden’s most popular sports, even though amateurs only play it. Softball-like bat-and-ball games are taught in several Swedish schools as part of their physical education curriculum.

Even though brännboll does not have any regulating regulations, several rules and traditions have persisted throughout the sport’s history. Brännboll does not have a designated pitcher or bowler, unlike cricket and baseball. Batters begin by throwing or bouncing a ball, which is typically a tennis ball. Wooden and metal baseball bats are two common types of bats, and you can even use cricket and paddle-like bats. Before the game begins, the area that can be used for play is established. Natural objects, like trees, are commonly used as borders by teams. However, the field of freedom does not limit a batter’s ability to swing as far as they like. At the same time, the opposing side attempts to throw the ball back to the designated catcher, and the hitter sprints around four bases. The betting round ends when the catcher has the ball and makes contact with the outfield base.